Roles and permissions approach to roles and permissions aims to maximize simplicity. Therefore we support only a few fundamental roles spread into the area of projects and organization. - Roles and permissions

Roles’ access level

  • Administrator,
  • Project Administrator,
  • User.

Depends on your role in the organization, will serve you a different welcome to time tracking – checklist.


This role is like a global assignment in the organization. As an administrator, you have permission to see and do anything. Therefore, you are acting as an owner with full power and responsibility. Of course, you can promote other invited Users to serve in this role too.

You can’t revoke your Administrator rights until there is at least one Administrator role assignment. Therefore, remember to change billing information before you revoke your Administrator rights.

So, as an Administrator, you are permitted to:

  • give and revoke Administrator rights,
  • invite people to the organization,
  • archive organization,
  • archive users in the organization,
  • creating projects,
  • assigning Project Administrator role,
  • set cost rates for users,
  • see all the projects and activities,
  • archive projects,
  • delete projects,
  • archive organization members,
  • setup billing information,
  • setup configuration of the features (e.g. time-rounding feature),
  • do all the same as what the Project Administrator and the User roles can do.

Project Administrator

It is natural that your organization might want to have the possibility to assign a more powerful role for some users. Therefore, the Project Administrator role is the role of the user with extra privileges in the area of the project or team management. Of course, this role can only be assigned by Administrators, therefore it is very important to ensure what exactly Project Administrator can do in

Administrators do not need assignment for the Project Administrator role. Of course, you can do it, but it will change nothing in Administrator privileges.

As a Project Administrator you are permitted to:

  • see and edit all the information about the project,
  • assign project members,
  • archive project members,
  • see cost rates of each project member,
  • see all the activities reported for this project,
  • archive project,
  • do all the same as what the User role can do.


Except for the creator of the organization, every other person invited to the organization or project is a User. Only, Administrators can promote Users to be acting as a Project Administrator or Administrator.

As a User you are permitted to:

  • track your time manually in a timesheet or by a built-in timer,
  • create and edit your reports,
  • see and edit your own activities,
  • see the list of the projects where you are assigned,
  • manage some specific settings of the application (e.g. time rounding, auto-locking, core hours, date/time formats,…),
  • see the info about the organization,
  • be promoted to the role of Project Administrator or Administrator,
  • create your own organization (e.g. for your private projects) where you will become an Administrator.

Roles and permissions simplicity

The simplicity of roles and permissions in does not limit your possibilities. Above all, being a User in one organization allows you to act as an Administrator or Project Manager in another.